Luke's Values

What are personal values?

  • They are characteristics that you appreciate in yourself
  • They are helpful guides when faced with difficult decisions
  • Living them leads to more happiness and fun
  • For maximum comfort, close relationships need to respect and understand them (but don’t have to share them)

My Values (In no particular order)

  • Humor & Play: Life's tough, so embracing humor and playfulness adds joy and connection. For me, it means infusing play into daily life, honing my humor, and being a good laugh buddy. It's not about making light of serious situations, belittling others, or ignoring my own struggles to please others.
  • Community: Life's better with people. Building close relationships means mutual support and enriching experiences. For me, it's about connecting with those who share values, supporting their journey, and creating meaningful experiences. It's not about giving too much, letting others take advantage, or investing in everyone—quality over quantity.
  • Generosity & Kindness: It's free to be kind, and giving enriches lives. For me, it means treating others with respect, helping where I can, and expressing gratitude. It's not about giving beyond my limits, being a pushover, or letting others take advantage—clear communication is key.
  • Curiosity & Growth: Stagnation limits experiences, and I'm all about collecting life's moments. Using curiosity, I learn, grow, and adapt. For me, it means being resourceful, open to new ideas, and mindful of continuous improvement. It's not about projecting emotions onto the future, assuming others' experiences are universal, or thinking every challenge has a solution. Taking breaks is okay, and tomorrow offers a chance to start anew.
  • Partnership: I value having a say in my decisions and not being overly controlled. It means making choices for myself, having my voice heard in collaborations, and pursuing what I want within reasonable limits. It's not about being taken advantage of, letting others decide without my input, or taking a backseat to life's outcomes. I seek partnership, not control.

Values I Want to Cultivate in a Relationship

  1. Play: Infuse life with humor, games, and adventures.
  2. Compassion: Support each other, no judgments, and embrace imperfections.
  3. Abundance of Love: Celebrate love, appreciate eachother, and be romantic.
  4. Communication: Be open, empathetic, and create safe spaces for feedback.
  5. Exploration: Collect experiences together and appreciate the journey.
  6. Intimacy: Prioritize physical and emotional closeness.
  7. Evolution: Embrace the present, acknowledge growth, and evolve together.
  8. Sense of Self: Maintain individuality, support personal pursuits, and celebrate individual successes.
  9. Celebration: Celebrating our individual and collective successes! We cannot “overcelebate.”

These relationship values are adaptable and crafted with boundaries in mind, and would ideally evolve with our partnership.